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Hi - I am JM Bara and photography is one of my interests. This site is where I plan to post my favorite photos. Enjoy! If you would like to see more photos, my older photos are here. All photos are Copyright © JM Bara 2009.

About photography
“…..     your eye is a hand, your hand has five eyes, your glance has two hands,
we are in the house of glances and there is nothing to see, we must repopulate the house of the eye,
we must repopulate the word with eyes, we must be loyal to sight, we must

Octavio Paz - The House of Glances - Arbol Adentro

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated with photography. When I grew up, I thought that the experience of “being there” and seeing  “it” via a photo were two unrelated experiences and that the second one could not approach the first. Then something happened -- I don’t know exactly what -- but I started to “trust” photographs.

Besides sharing, taking and processing photos is a very satisfying personal experience for me.  A trip or a visit to a new place is not complete until the pictures have been “developed”.  Taking a cue from Octavio Paz, I believe that “one must photograph (or paint) in order to see”, or at least it very much helps.  The process of framing the picture and later leveling, cropping, adjusting the light and colors, then seeing the final results on paper, helps me “see” better and complete the experience of “being there”.

Generative art
Another interest of mine is writing computer programs that generate interesting/intriguing/pleasing visual or auditory experiences, following simple rules. If you happen to share this interest you might enjoy my art toys. I suggest you start with PlayWithMozart. You can also read about them on my blog.