Movie Clips (generative)


View some short movies (These are clips from longer movies, which explains the somewhat abrupt endings). If you have comments or questions, please leave them on the BLOG.

Cartoon - a 16 second movie of cartoon-like shapes.

Video and Audio created in ArtMatic.

View Cartoon.mov (200x200 pix, 2.9 MB)

Neuronios - the Light Worm zaps an intricate web.

Video and Audio created in ArtMatic.

View Neuronios.mov (200x200 pix, 2.7 MB)

Squares and Bubbles - the name says it all.

Video created in ArtMatic.

Audio ArtMatic video --> Nato --> Metasynth (see explanation under Cube and Light).

View Squares and Bubles.mov (200x200 pix, 2.1 MB)

NavelHoney - fluid on fluid.

Video and Audio created in ArtMatic.

View NavelHoney.mov (200x200 pix, 2.1 MB)

Cube and Light is a one minute movie of a Cube being struck by Light.

Video - No particular message or direction when I started this project. I like to be able to identify actors, no matter how abstract they are, and to see a story.

Tech: video composed in ArtMatic. First keyframe created by trial and error. Other keyframes created by auto-mutating the prior keyframe until I liked the direction.

Audio - I wanted a sound track that was slightly dark and was modulated by the video.

Tech: To have the video drive the sound I created Nato patch to analyze the pixel intensities of each frame (with 242.histo) and generate a "videogram" where each frame maps to a column of pixels in the videogram. I used this "videogram" to synthesize the audio track in Metasynth with a square wave sound sample and much resonant filtering. Assembled final movie with Quicktime.

The videograms by themselves are interesting. Below is a section of left channel videogram, corresponding to about 30 seconds worth of video.

View movie

Cube and Light

View movie here (100x100 pix, 3.6 MB)

Best with headphones