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CODEMUSE.NET is where I share some of my passions: generative art, programming and photography.If you have comments or questions, please leave a comment on the blog. You can also reach me at

Uh, what is generative art?

I like Philip Galanter’s (www.philipgalanter.com) definition, which I reproduce here: Generative art refers to any art practice where the artist creates a process, such as a set of natural language rules, a computer program, a machine, or other procedural invention, which is then set into motion with some degree of autonomy contributing to or resulting in a completed work of art.

In my particular case, the process is most always carried out by a computer program. The meta-process happens as follows (warning – a discussion about process can be tedious):

1 – come up with an idea.

2 – map the process.

3 – code the process using a computer programming environment (such as Max/MSP, Processing, Java, ActionScript).

4 – debug, debug, debug until steps 2 and 3 meet the expectations of step 1.

5 – fiddle with the parameters until the final results are esthetically pleasing, and/or in some way surprising, and/or convey an emotion, and/or beg a question.

The idea may come from visualizing an interesting final outcome, such as an image, movie, or sound (auralizing?). In this case the motivation is the challenge of finding a process which produces that result (problem-solving).

Alternatively the motivation may be driven by the curiosity of seeing what results a certain — often arbitrary — process creates (tinkering). I am usually motivated by both.

In some cases, I use programs (processes) written by others, such as Artmatic, short-circuiting steps 3 and 4 (and sometimes, even steps 1 and 2).Everything in this site, except for the photos (in the IMAGES section) and “Mali’s Good Morning” melody (in the MUSIC section) follows the above process.

Creating the Blog

In early 2002, I set up the CODEMUSE.NET site to share one of my passions — writing generative art toys. I borrowed “HTML for Dummies” (I forgot the exact title) at my local library and built my site entirely in HTML. With the years, the site grew in size. Each time I added a page, all cross-links, menus, etc. needed updating.

So, in March 2008 I decided to upgrade to a blog. I did a little research by looking at my favorite blogs and noticed that WordPress was used quite often. So I decided on WordPress. So far, I am very pleased with the choice.

Next, I needed a blog template with a consistent look with my old site. By matching the blog to my old web site, I could keep all the old content pages unchanged. I browsed over hundreds of blog templates and did not find anything close. However, I was lucky to stumble upon Diurnal, a template created by Carolyn Smith, that seemed to have all the elements I needed. One of the most clever aspects of Diurnal is that the template changes every hour of the day. While I liked that idea, I did not carry it on my site because my original gray on black theme did not fit the idea. I adapted Diurnal to fit what I was looking for. Thanks to Carolyn Smith and the folks at Plaintxt who created The Sandbox theme, used by Diurnal.








02/20/10 – added new photos in gallery: Jordan and Egypt

10/06/09 – added new photos in photo gallery: France and UK

07/20/09 – added new flash photo gallery (ImageVue) and new Italy photos.

11/15/08 – added new photos in IMAGES / Japan

03/18/08 – added BLOG.

03/08/08 – added PlayWithMozart in CODE section.

12/07/07 – added hair drawing program hairSynth in CODE section.

11/02/07 – added new photos in IMAGES / Hungary-Austria-Germany.

04/07/07 – added art toy cutNwatch in CODE section.

03/02/06 – added new India photos in IMAGES section.

02/17/05 – added new photos in IMAGES / The Gates project in New York City.

10/14/04 – added new photos in IMAGES / Various Locations section.

07/16/03 – posted new Italy photos in IMAGES section.

07/13/03 – added RippleTiles in FLASH section.

2/18/03 – added PixelPluck in CODE section.

12/01/02 – added DiskDrummer in FLASH section.

11/20/02 – posted new photos in IMAGES section.

7/29/02 – added photo gallery in IMAGES section.

6/02/02 – working on FLASH animation Boxer – preview in FLASH section.

5/27/02 – added Wild Pizza Dough in FLASH section.

5/15/02 – added FLASH section with LocoMomo Messages and Expandor.

4/12/02 – added Copacabana code in CODE section and Movie clips in IMAGES.

3/27/02 – site launched with KaleidoDrums code, Music and Links.

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